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How much does The Stitch Chick charge for personalization and embroidery?
If you buy something from us, personalization is included in the price. Our minimum charge for embroidery on things you bring us is $12.00 for both names and monograms. Designs are priced based on stitch count.
Size and quantity effect price -- if something is very small (like a shirt cuff monogram), the price will be lower; if we're doing something large like a shower curtain, the price will higher.  Larger embroidery all depends on stitch count. 
Is everything we carry on this web site?
We have a lot here for you to see, but it's not everything we carry. You can see a lot more in our "shop".
How do I pay The Stitch Chick?
The Stitch Chick prefers to take cash or checks.  We also take credit cards, but prefer to do so for larger amounts. We also prefer to take payment up front.